Modern Diet

Modern Diet

The human body requires water, vitamins, minerals, enzymes, fatty acids proteins, fats and carbohydrates to function properly. The foods we eat are meant to supply all of these various nutrients. In times past, we had a variety of foods to choose from and could obtain the glyconutrients our bodies need.

There are several reasons why our modern diets and lifestyle actually provide us with less of the essential glyconutrients than our predecessors’ diets.

1. Lack of Variety – The variety of foods today are not available to us as they once were. Because of the lack of variety, the body doesn’t get from the food what it needs to repair, restore, protect and defend itself an efficient manner. For instance, of the eight essential sugars, which are referred to as glyconutrients, only two are readily available in our modern diets. They are glucose and galactose.

2. Vital Nutrition Reduced – Green harvests, processed foods, preservatives, cooking methods, increased toxins and limited variety of foods we eat all reduce vital nutrition the body needs.

3. Soil Depletion – Gradual soil depletion has also had an adverse effect on the quality of our food.